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is a leading Boston-based recyclable materials and waste resource management company.

Save That Stuff, Inc.

We are a recyclable materials waste service company that makes saving our customers TIME and MONEY a top priority, along with responsibly managing the recyclable waste materials they throw away. Want to see how we can do this for your business?

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We help over three thousand New England businesses and institutions safely and efficiently dispose of a wide range of recoverable materials otherwise destined for the dumpster.

We operate an independently-owned 100,000 sq. ft. processing facility in Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts.

We collect trash, cardboard, single stream/mixed recyclable waste materials, mixed paper, confidential paper documents, cans, plastic bottles, and rigid plastics, metals, food waste & compostable organics, electronics, pallets, Styrofoam and universal waste. We also take a range of other hard to recycle materials, and items that have reuse potential. See the full list of materials we collect.

We help businesses, educational and governmental institutions (both large and small) achieve their goals of responsibly managing waste on a day-to-day basis; and thereby realize their commitments to corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability and cost control. We prioritize low-cost resource management and recycling programs that fit each organization’€s specific needs.


Our Roots 

Save That Stuff, Inc. was founded in 1990 with one truck (actually, a 1971 vintage VW Double Cab – half bus and half pick-up truck) to provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional waste disposal….way back when there were few alternatives to disposing of recyclable waste streams.

Over the past 25 years, the Company has continued to evolve as businesses and communities recognize the value of removing recyclables from their waste streams.


Erik Levy_VW

Erik Levy, Save That Stuff’s Founder & President, 25 years ago with the Company’s 1st collection vehicle, a 1971 VW Double Cab – Half Bus and Half Pick-up Truck

Local and Independent

Save That Stuff is committed to keeping money in the local economy. We support local job creation in the recycling and waste resource management industry.

We are locally owned and operated. The geographic location of our facilities and team ensure that our clients receive high-quality services.

As a recycling and waste resource management company with over 25 years of experience, we have a strong commitment to programs that protect the Greater Boston Area’€s natural resources, and in promoting responsible recyclable material management practices.

We dedicate time for community involvement, and have developed a strong network of corporate and non-profit partners in the Greater Boston Area.

DSC_0208Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Our ultimate goal is zero waste. We work with each client to provide a full-service value recovery program, transforming waste that would otherwise be bound for a landfill or incinerator into valuable, sustainable resources.

Mission: We draw upon our 25 years of experience in implementing best practices in waste reduction, waste minimization, reuse and recycling to design an integrated, sustainable waste management program for each of our clients.

Values: We believe in providing  fair and sustainable waste resource management services, focused on the triple-bottom line. We offer cost-effective, time-effective, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional waste disposal.

Awards, News, and Publications

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