Resource Management

At Save That Stuff we are passionate about sustainable business practices, so passionate that we’re willing to base our compensation on the success of your recycling efforts. Our Resource Management program is an innovative contractual partnership that changes the nature of a client’s current disposal services to support waste minimization and recycling.

These performance-based contracts tap into Save That Stuff’s expertise to bolster waste reduction and recycling through value-added services, such as improved waste reduction reporting, dedicated customer service and analysis.

Resource management

Event Recycling

We are equipped to handle:

Indoor & Outdoor events

Catered events
Fund raisers
Weddings & Celebrations

Marathon Dinner


Waste Audits

Before reducing your waste you must know your waste! Save That Stuff has years of experience assessing our clients waste streams. Depending on the needs of our clients, we can provide a full range of assessments and audits. For existing and potential customers, our consultants provide assessments and make recommendations to implement, change or expand a recycling program.

Waste Audits


Mail-Back and Tracking Programs

Our partnership with Mail-This-Back has enhanced our ability to support Product Stewardship initiatives for all types of materials. Our programs connect customers through a cloud based interface to our recycling processes. This service is streamlined to support organizations with a simple low cost program for difficult to recycle materials.

Mail-This-Back & Track-This-Back Programs

Mail-This-Back & Track-This-Back Programs


Zero Waste Planning

Zero Waste Planning incorporates all three key tenets of the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle imperative. On the reuse/recycle side, Save That Stuff believes that many of the materials in your trash should have many more lives, and we can work with you to develop effective recycling programs. We can also help you “reduce” by looking “upstream” for ways to reduce the amount of waste you generate in the first place.

Save That Stuff has a staff of experienced waste reduction professionals and a network throughout the Metro Boston area to help your company plan for Zero Waste. Learn more about Zero Waste and see what others are doing throughout the country.

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