It’s good for business…

In the current economic and political climate, more and more organizations are building corporate social responsibility into their mission, business strategy, and day-to-day operations. They understand that committing to sustainable business practices like recycling creates a positive impression on the people that matter most, both inside and outside their organizations. And increasingly, customers, partners and shareholders are making purchase, partnership and financial decisions based on performance along an expanded set of metrics that include measures of corporate social responsibility.

It’s good for the environment…

Waste reduction, reuse and recycling allows organizations to use fewer raw materials and conserve natural resources, preserving landfill space, minimizing energy use, and reducing pollution. By recycling, our customers help keep usable and valuable materials out of landfills and incinerators. The Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020 requires significant regional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Improving the region’s material recovery rates and reducing waste will help us reach these goals.

It’s good for the bottom line…

When a facility reduces the volume of waste it generates, it can achieve corresponding savings through decreased hauling fees and avoided disposal charges. Many of our customers have reduced their trash expenses by reducing their trash container size, limiting the frequency of pick-ups, and therefore decreasing their overall disposal costs. That bottom line benefit accrues to the broader regional economy, as well. Sorting and processing recyclables actually contributes a positive overall employment picture for many regions and municipalities.