Oyster Shell Recycling

Save That Stuff works with the non-profit Mass Oyster Project (MOP) on a program to recycle oyster shells.We help restaurants take this heavy material out of the waste stream (40 pounds for a 5 gallon bucket) and put it to use.

Recycled oyster shell is an important material for restoring oyster bed habitat in the wild. We collect shell from area restaurants, age it for a year and then provide it to towns for use in restoration projects. By introducing oyster shells in water bodies such as the Merrimack River, we effectively help reduce high mortality rates and increase oyster reproduction.

Oyster beds are valuable habitat as they host over 100 other types of sea life. And oysters help clean the water – each oyster can filter 40 gallons of water per day. Let the oysters flourish!

RECYCLE oyster shells today! Contact us for more information.