Confidential Paper DOCUMENTS



Shredded paper

Sensitive document destruction continues to be an important aspect of paper recycling.

Save That Stuff, Inc. has worked closely with our government and medical/healthcare clients to develop an effective document destruction approach that meets both their operational demands and key regulatory requirements such as HIPAA:

  • 1. Paper is stored in locked carts. Chain of custody is initiated when the paper enters our locked vehicle.
  • 2. The material is manifested and transported to our enclosed facility.
  • 3. It is mixed with approximately 200 tons of other business paper.
  • 4. It is crushed into 2,000 pound wire-clad bales.
  • 5. The paper is then shipped in an enclosed tractor-trailer to a paper mill.
  • 6. Finally, the ink is washed off the paper during the recycling process.
  • 7. Save That Stuff provides a Chain of Custody Certificate of Destruction.

We can also provide off-site shredding services. This service can also come with a Chain of Custody Certificate of Destruction if our client requires.