Single Stream/Mixed Recycling




single stream

Single stream or mixed recycling refers to putting all recyclables in one bin. Many businesses and municipalities are switching over to mixed recycling.


Our single stream service is particularly useful for large office buildings with many employees that are already accustomed to single stream recycling at home.


Though we see many customers switching to our single stream option, separating your materials into comingled and mixed paper will save you more money.

single stream








  • All mixed paper including newspaper, magazines, catalogs, brown paper bags, paper packaging, beverage cartons, all office paper, phone books, envelopes, junk mail.
  • All plastics containers including beverage and food containers, detergent bottles, household cleaners, yogurt cups, rigid plastic containers such as pipette trays.
  • All glass containers including all beverage and food containers.
  • All cardboard.
  • Metal: Aluminum cans, aluminum pans, foil.


  • NO trash
  • NO food waste or food soiled containers
  • NO styrofoam
  • NO broken china
  • NO corks
  • NO soiled paper
  • NO hazardous waste